Why I am not a member of the ‘Digital India’ movement

  • August 29, 2021

The Indian government has decided to allow the use of Digital India to advertise on mobile phones, while barring any other media.

The move, which will be implemented over the next few months, will be a major step in India’s digitalisation drive.

The decision comes after a proposal for digital India was floated in 2015 by the ruling Congress party.

This initiative envisaged setting up a digital marketplace for content.

The Congress party later withdrew its proposal, citing security concerns and other reasons.

However, the government is now looking at ways to ease the restrictions on the digital world and ease the burden of the advertising market.

The digitalisation of the Indian market will be aided by the launch of digital kiosks at petrol stations and supermarkets, said an official statement.

These kiosks would be integrated with digital platforms.

The kiosks will also allow consumers to browse content through a mobile device.

A digital marketplace has been set up at a petrol station in Mumbai.

The plan is to bring together content on the internet through an aggregator platform, while allowing the online consumers to find and buy products online, said the official.

This will facilitate the online shopping of goods, the statement said.

The official added that the platform would provide a single platform for the online purchase of goods and services and the online sharing of information.

This is not the first time that digital initiatives have been announced in India.

In October 2016, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the Digital India mission.

The government is also planning to launch a digital ecosystem for education, healthcare, health, food and agriculture in the country.

Digital India is a project by the Indian government to promote digitalisation in the Indian economy.

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