Aussie school kids get their first digital air fryers

  • October 29, 2021

AUSTRALIA’S first digital digital air-frying machine has been handed out to students in an experiment designed to see if it can transform the way students learn.

Key points:Students in a classroom with a digital air frying machine will be able to access the machine on their smartphone in their roomDigital air-fried chips are now a common sight in Australia schoolsStudents at Sydney’s East Coast Girls School are learning how to use the machines with a teacherDigital air fry chips are a common way for kids to learn to cook, but the idea behind the device is that they can be used for digital certificates and online learning.

The air-dried chips are made from a mixture of vegetable oil, vegetable tannin and a vegetable oil-based base, and are intended to be used as digital certificates.

The school’s head of digital learning, Julie O’Keefe, said the students were given their first chance to try the device on Thursday.

“It’s been a big project for us, it’s been an exciting time for us as well,” she said.

“Our kids are getting their first hands-on experience with digital certificates, and it’s really exciting for them to get to do that.”

Ms O’Keefe said the idea was to allow students to take the first step in digital learning.

“This is a big thing that’s been on the table for a while now,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“We’re really excited to be able help these kids, and to be a part of this first-ever digital air Fryer project, which hopefully will be the start of their digital education.”

The school is now offering the device for $149.99 to students, which is cheaper than the $349.99 that students in Melbourne pay.

The head of technology at the school, Emma Clements, said students at the high school were also excited about the new digital certificate tool.

“When you see these students getting their hands on this technology, it means they’re getting their education, it can be an educational tool for them,” she explained.

“They’re actually learning how they can learn.”

Ms Clements said the air-cured chips were also a way for students to improve their skills and help them understand digital learning better.

“What you’re doing is putting the chips into a bowl and you’re blowing it up and you put it into a box,” she joked.

“You’ve got these air-filled bowls that are going to hold a chip for about six hours, which are then going to be burnt up.”

The students at Sydney East Coast Boys’ High School will soon be able use the device in their classroom.

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