‘It is the first time we’ve seen this level of damage’: Flood damage at Irish coastal resort

  • September 28, 2021

Flood damage to the island of Kilkenny has seen hundreds of homes, shops and schools flooded in the wake of a major flood.

The storm caused heavy damage to a number of homes in Kilkennas St Marys, St Patrick’s and St Patrick Sts areas and flooded several roads, including a major road linking St Patricks to St Patrick.

There were also reports of damage to shops and restaurants.

“We’ve had two roads flooded this morning in Kilkenny and St Patricks, the worst of the flooding in the country,” said Gerry McNeill, a senior lecturer at Kilkennes College.

“There was a car that washed up on the road in the centre of St Patrickstons main street, and that’s a bit of a shock.”

Mr McNeill said there had been several cars in the road, but they were not in the flood-prone Kilkeneys main street.

“It was just a car washing up on St Patrick street, the car that went up the road.”

That was quite a lot of damage.

“There were no reported injuries.

Mr McNeil said the damage could be seen from Kilkerns town centre, but that he did not expect the streets to be completely washed out.”

If you look at the streets, there’s still some houses and shops and cars,” he said.”

They’ve got water damage to them and they’ve got the road washed out, but there are some houses in the area that have not been flooded.

“The roads are very well patrolled, so if you’ve got a car in that area, you’re going to be very cautious.”

In St Patrick Street, some houses had water damage, while there were also minor damage to roads.

The National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) said damage had been caused by a combination of “high winds, high sea levels, low humidity and strong winds from a strong storm surge” in KilKenny.

“All road networks in the region are being re-evaluated as the storm surge continues,” a spokesman said.

Mr McGrogan said he was in Kilgalaganmac this morning and he had been working on the streets.

“I’m in Kilgananmac today.

There are about 150,000 people here and I’ve been here all day,” he added.

The NDMA said it was working with authorities to identify and remove any debris.

A spokesperson for the Irish Flood Authority said it had received information from a number on the ground and was assisting authorities.

“While we can’t say whether or not there will be a flood or not, there is a lot more work to be done,” he told the Irish Times.

“At this stage we are working closely with the local authorities to determine the extent of damage and assess the recovery.”

“We’re working with a number to identify the best course of action for residents affected by the storm and the affected businesses.”

Irish Independent

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