How to write a book without going through a literary agent

  • November 1, 2021


Write in your own words.

If you want to write about a topic that you care about and that you enjoy, go ahead.

But if you want your novel to make a big splash, you will need a literary agency to help you with that.

The agent will likely be able to help with a number of things, such as: 1.

Write an introductory chapter, explaining what you want readers to take away from your novel.


Provide information on what’s expected of your novel’s readers.


Ensure that your novel will be picked up by a wide variety of readers and genres.4.

Provide advice on how to create a compelling and interesting world.5.

Offer advice on the most effective way to market your novel(s).6.

Help you decide on your next step(s) in your novel, and where you can go next in the process.7.

Help determine whether or not you can sell your novel in bookstores.8.

Give you tips on how best to write and present your novel effectively.9.

Make sure that you have an agent to handle any issues you may have with your novel before you publish it.10.

Help with editing and formatting, as well as preparing for publication.11.

Provide feedback on your novel on social media.12.

Review your novel and tell other authors how it went.13.

Review the marketing plan for your novel at the end of the year.14.

Provide suggestions for future marketing and publishing plans.15.

Help develop your novel into a career.16.

Provide you with a book club membership.17.

Help manage your book club memberships.18.

Help keep your book in print for as long as possible.19.

Help provide you with other book clubs you can join.20.

Help ensure your book is published.21.

Help your agent prepare your novel for distribution.22.

Keep your novel alive as a literary artifact.23.

Ensure your novel is well-received by reviewers.24.

Help other authors publish their books by helping you edit your novel by helping to get your novel reviewed.25.

Help promote your novel as an art form.26.

Help to promote your book as a creative medium.27.

Help the literary community understand how you write and how you are able to write.28.

Help writers understand the difference between a good novel and a bad novel.29.

Help authors develop their novel through social media, writing workshops, and other means.30.

Help publish your novel online and provide it to other authors.31.

Provide the manuscript for reviewers.32.

Provide advance copies of your book to your publisher(s), and ensure your publisher receives copies of them.33.

Help others publish your book.34.

Provide reviews of your manuscript to other literary agents and literary publishers.35.

Help maintain your manuscript online and publish it to online readers.36.

Help prepare and publish a review copy of your work online.37.

Help publishing your novel via digital platforms.38.

Help create a web site for your book on a variety of publishing platforms.39.

Help readers find you by tracking down any books they may not have known you had published.40.

Help encourage readers to share your book through social networks and online forums.41.

Help a bookseller to market their book.42.

Help publishers make money from your book by selling it.43.

Help booksellers create a new line of sales by offering discounted prices.44.

Help support writers with the costs of production and publishing.45.

Help creative professionals get a book published.46.

Help people get their books published by your publisher.47.

Help literary agents get books published.48.

Help artists get their work published.49.

Help entertainers get their works published.50.

Help filmmakers get their films published.51.

Help film-makers create new jobs.52.

Help children find books they want to read.53.

Help professionals get jobs through your company.54.

Help business owners to create new businesses.55.

Help small businesses become profitable.56.

Help companies and entrepreneurs create new markets.57.

Help students discover new opportunities.58.

Help entrepreneurs find new markets for their business.59.

Help parents find new jobs through their children’s schools.60.

Help educators find new and creative ways to teach.61.

Help businesses to increase profits.62.

Help families and individuals find ways to help their loved ones.63.

Help government agencies and charities create new business opportunities.64.

Help nonprofits and charities find ways for their community to improve.65.

Help individuals and businesses find ways they can help themselves.66.

Help corporations find new ways to increase their bottom line.67.

Help media companies find new outlets.68.

Help nonprofit organizations and their employees find new employment opportunities.69.

Help organizations develop new marketing plans.70.

Help charities create marketing and distribution strategies.71.

Help an individual or business create an online presence for their company.72.

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