How to Use Digital Cameras for Your Digital Camouflage

  • October 30, 2021

I know you’re probably not thinking about using digital cameras to cover your body as camouflage, but the technology does have its uses.

Here are a few tips on how to do it, and if you’ve never used them before, now’s the time to get started.


Wear it under your shirt or under your jacket to make it easy to find.

It’s hard to see without a good camera.


Make sure you don’t look like you’re in a costume.

It helps to wear something that makes it easy for you to see what’s underneath.


Get out of the car and put on some face paint.

It adds a touch of mystery to your disguise.


Have a look in the mirror to see if you can find anything under there.

It can be tricky to find a dark spot on your face that you can see with your naked eye, but a good digital camo mask can give you a clue.


Take off the mask if you find anything you think is weird.

It’ll make it easier to identify what’s under it. 6.

Make your mask invisible and look at it in the dark.

You might not notice it for a second, but it will be very hard to tell if someone else is looking at it, so wear it with your mask on. 7.

Wear the mask over your clothing to make sure your face doesn’t show.

If you wear a mask, you might have to wear it all the time.


If your face looks strange under a mask it’s probably because your mask has a different texture than your skin.

Make the mask opaque, then remove it and apply it to your face.


Use a dark cloth to hide the mask underneath your shirt.

When you’re doing this, the dark cloth will help conceal the mask from other people, and you can wear it over your clothes as a mask.


If a mask looks too tight, you can try to make a mask that’s much wider than the mask you’re wearing.

If the mask is too tight you might not be able to get a good angle of your face, so you can make the mask bigger.


Make a mask to hide under your car’s hood.

You’ll need a mask of the right size to cover the hood, so make sure you use the right mask, which you can buy on Amazon.


Make mask that covers your face and you’ll have to put it on before you go out.

The mask will be easy to see under the hood and you won’t have to worry about being seen in public.


Keep a mask with you wherever you go to make mask covering easier.


Wear a mask when you’re out.

Even if you’re not planning on using a mask at all, make sure it’s always on you.

The more masks you wear, the easier it is to see, and the more likely you’ll find something you can hide behind.


If someone sees you with a mask on, make them stop by your house and ask if they can use the mask.

If they don’t have a mask but you can, make a deal to hide behind it, even if it’s not your mask.


If it’s a cold night and you’ve got a mask under your coat, wear it to get the air out of your room.

When the sun comes up, the air can get a little too cold for the mask, so the mask can help keep you warm.


Use mask as a cover when you go grocery shopping.

It looks like you have a big mask on your head, but there’s a little room underneath the mask to make your mask look like it’s covering your face instead of your head.


Make masks for your own children to wear to school, or if you have friends who want to wear masks to school.

Make them small enough to fit under the school uniform, or cover the school face.


Make some masks to use as a costume to get people’s attention when you do something that you’re afraid of.

It also gives you a chance to make friends and get into fights, and people who know you can be very useful in this situation.


Use masks to hide a person’s identity when they are in the company of others.

They can be useful if you need to avoid a confrontation with the person they are trying to avoid.


If there’s someone around to see you with the mask on and you’re about to run into them, put it over the top of your hat or under the arm.

People might notice, but they won’t notice the mask under their hat, so they’ll think you’re running with it. 22.

When someone is going to a funeral, or someone is planning a funeral or burial, put a mask over their head and hide it underneath their dress.

If people can see it under their dress, they’ll know it’s the mask

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