Digital playground com: ‘I’m a digital person’

  • August 1, 2021

Digital playground maker DIGITAL CALIPERS has announced a $1.6 million donation to the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Digital Learning.

The donation will help to establish a $300,000 “digital playground” in the centre, with a new “digital asset” project in the works.

The centre’s director, Michael Tzeng, says the donation is in recognition of the University’s success in supporting digital technology, and its continued growth.

“We have been very happy with the progress and we really appreciate all the support that has been shown to us,” Tzensays.

“I really do believe that the centre will be the most successful digital learning centre in Canada in the next five years.”

The $300k donation is a big step for the digital playground maker.

In February, the group raised $3 million to build the digital asset project, which will include a virtual classroom, video studio, and a computer lab, as well as a digital classroom simulator.

It will also have a digital playground, but Tzentz says that’s not its main focus.

“It’s about creating a virtual environment, and creating the right environment for people to learn,” Tzenesays.

The digital playground will also feature interactive content, with games and quizzes available for kids to play on a computer screen.

“This is the way to learn to do digital skills,” Tzinewsays.

In addition to digital assets, the new digital playgrounds will also include a new classroom simulator, which is part of a larger effort to help students with digital literacy.

“With the funding we have, we’re going to do a lot of things to help kids,” Tzanewsays says.

The new digital asset projects, including the virtual classroom simulator will help students to learn more about digital technology.

Tzhanewsays hopes the new playground will help his students “understand more about how they can use digital technology and how to use their computers, and use it for learning.”

“I think it will make a big difference for their learning,” Tzuentz said.

“They’re going from having no digital tools to learning digital skills.”

The digital playground in the new centre will have a virtual teacher, video, and digital learning software.

It also includes a computer library, with software to help with video-editing and video-analysis.

“If they’re not doing anything, it’s a great way for them to practice the digital skills that they’re learning,” said Tzen.

“And then they can really be creative, and get their creativity to flow.”

For more information, visit the University Waterloo website.

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